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Hello! I live in London, and I like reading about history, travel and literature. I also like good non-fiction about things I don't know about yet, and adventures.

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Litza Jansz, Stuart Hood
Women, Travel Writing, and Truth
Clare Broome Saunders
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Harry Potter à l'école des sorciers
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The Gentle Art of Verbal Self Defense at Work - Suzette Haden Elgin

Or, 'How to deal with assholes when you work with them and can't just block them on Facebook and never think about them again, like you would every other asshole'.


Some of it was useful, but it was written in 2000, before office communication moved so much to email and IM. Discussions about meetings were good - like how to deal with two assholes are being assholes in different ways, at each other and at everyone else! - but overall the book was based on workplace norms that simply aren't norms any more. Not Elgin's fault, but also not super useful.