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Hello! I live in London, and I like reading about history, travel and literature. I also like good non-fiction about things I don't know about yet, and adventures.

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Women, Travel Writing, and Truth
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The Wretched - Victor Hugo

I've been reading Christine Donougher's translation of Les Mis on the Tube and I'm really enjoying it - it's clear, readable and a lot of fun. I'd missed how tense so much of Valjean's early story is, how well described his anxiety is, and how brilliantly paced and dramatic the scenes of "Valjean thinks about whether to do something" are, especially his deciding to steal the silver and to go to the court in Arras to turn himself in and save Champmathieu.

I'd just finished the trial last night, whipped through the super tense scenes where Valjean escapes from Javert, and was looking forward to What Happens Next!!! when:

Part Two: Cosette
Book One: Waterloo